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What's your visual story?

Are you ready to expolore a new high-attention identity?

Do you need highly detailed and creative illustrations?

Does a changing product line require new packaging?

It's time to tell your story with the right visual approach!

  • Illustration - Racing Colours

    Illustration - Racing Colours

    Chevron Publishing UK called us when they wanted highly detailed and visually accurate illustrations for a large book project. The series of books "Racing Colours" takes a unique, country-centric, approach to reviewing the history of auto racing. No other sport has been influenced by pop culture, politics, the environment, and world conflicts more than racing cars. These illustrations needed to stand up to the scrutiny of automotive enthusiasts, owners, and historians around the globe.

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  • Design - Soonr

    Illustration - Soonr

    Soonr brings cloud computing to the iPhone! The V.P. of marketing called when they wanted help telling their new visual story. Soonr needed environmental graphics for their demo room, updates to their website, logo design, and graphic elements that could be applied as needed in various media.

    We were able to help Soonr visualize their cloud computing concepts for this new free service quickly and effectively.

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  • Design - 24 Hours of LeMons

    Design - 24 Hours of LeMons

    The 24 Hours of LeMons is a series of endurance auto racing events held throughout the United States. A parody of the famous 24 Hours of LeMans, the 24 Hours of LeMons enables people to live out their wheel-to-wheel racing fantasy—in a $500 car! Of course fire suits, helmets, roll bars, and all the other requisite safety equipment must be used—but the car itself is pretty much junk. Steven Cavalieri Design has worked with the LeMons crew to develop a strong visual language with high-attention branding, media kits, stationery and business forms and event graphics. And like any good partner we use their product by participating in as many events as possible!

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  • Identity - Vox

    Identity - Vox

    When Six Apart wanted to launch a new free blog service the goal was to have a fresh, young brand. While they really loved the name VOX they found that all the sharp character lines conflicted with the lofty brand attributes and symmetry they wanted the new identity to communicate. We designed the custom letter forms and cloud-like surround to break from the noise of other web 2.0 offerings. The resulting identity works beautifully within the product as well as collateral and merchandise.

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